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Dcoin Exchange received strategic investment from JRR Crypto, achieving outstanding operative results

Starting as the world’s first financial level digital assets trading platform, Dcoin Exchange has received strategic investment from blockchain-leading investment fund JRR Crypto, and has achieved impressive results since officially operating on December 2018.
JJR Crypto is the world’s leading blockchain financial investment fund which focused exclusively on ventures, protocols and platforms related to the blockchain ecosystem. JRR has invested in more than 40 blockchain programs, including Binance, Bee Computing, Quarkchain, Blockcloud, Aergo, Certik, Multivac, Boinc, etc., and invested in Dcoin Exchange in 2018 as well. Dcoin Exchange, providing safe and quality services according to the demands of users, has its operation centers distributed globally from Switzerland, South Korea, Hongkong to Shanghai. In a short period of six months, Dcoin Exchange has rapidly risen to the second echelon exchange in the crypto world, ranking 35 on Coinmarketcap. As a result of steadily continued growth of users, Dcoin’s accumulated users have exceeded 100,000, in which the number of daily trading users have broken thousands. Nowadays, Dcoin’s development is remarkable with deluge of users located in China, Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Dcoin Exchange provides currency trading services for nearly 100 kinds of blockchain assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other mainstream crypto-currencies. Through the use of dynamic storage, separation of hot and cold
wallet, private API and other technical means, the security of users’ assets and transactions are guaranteed. Recently, 40% of Dcoin Exchange’s projects have migrated to the main network, ATOM, MATIC, VBT and other popular projects are launched in Dcoin Exchange, with an average increase of more than 15% on the first day, which has a good performance and is appreciated by investors.
With the vision in building a global financial level digital assets service provider, Dcoin Exchange advocates value investment and actively creates a healthy market place. After the prevalence of IEO (Ladder Exchange Offering) and Resonance Mode in the first half of 2019, Dcoin launches Mix-Resonance Mode, which based on systematic design and scientific economic model to reduce the market risks, guarantee the stable rise of currency prices, and return to the idea of value investment.
Dcoin Exchange would be the the pioneer to announce launching its platform token DT by the Mix-Resonance Mode on 20th June. The participators who join the events of DT’s launch are expected to win the jackpot of up to $600,000 of resonant mainstream token. LEO, Melting Node, Fissioner Group Battle, and FOMO Lottery are set up to make a dynamic balance around value sharing and token incentives. For more information, please visit
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